If you’re ready to get serious about making positive changes in your life, my 6 session group coaching programme is for you. Our small group will meet online for 90 minutes each week where you’ll have lots of opportunity to contribute.

“I often feel frustrated because I have lots of ideas about what I want to achieve but don’t know what to focus on because there are so many options - Holly helped me narrow down my choices to what I really wanted to do.”

- Amy

What happens in a group coaching session?

Group coaching sessions are a little different to private coaching in that they are guided by me, with plenty of opportunity for each person in the group to reflect on their own experiences and contribute to the session.

My group programme is perfect for anyone new to coaching or feeling in a bit of a general funk. It’s time in your week to focus on yourself and create an actionable plan to start living the life you want.

“My sessions with Holly were really useful, eye-opening and generally good for the soul. She’s helped me loads in viewing my life in a more manageable way, whereas before I struggled to see the wood for the trees.”

- Ellie

What might we cover?

Each session has an accompanying worksheet to guide you through the exercises as we delve into:

  • Your values
    Who are you? What’s important to you? And is your life aligned with the things that matter to you most.
  • Your life
    This is your reality check. What’s really going on right now with your work, your relationships, your health and your money.
  • Your story
    What is it that you believe about yourself, and how might it be holding you back?
  • Your motivation
    What’s driving you, and how you can tackle the things that are getting you stuck.
  • Your voice
    All about confidence and strength, where yours comes from and what takes it away.
  • Your plan
    Getting super clear on what you want, and how you’re going to get it.

What is the cost?

£150 for 6 x 90 minute sessions. These 90 minute sessions take place over Skype once a week for 6 weeks. There are a max of 8 people in each group and this is perfect if you’re new to coaching and want to dip your toes in.

Want to join us?

My group coaching courses are released throughout the year.
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