Holly June Smith

I’m Holly June Smith and I’m here for life, love, death and all of the magic that happens along the way.

I’ve always been a magpie for passion projects and that’s how I ended up being a life coach and a celebrant and a facilitator and a speaker. Every one of those jobs lights a fire inside me, I’ve never been a person who can do just one thing. Maybe that’s the same for you too?

What that means in practice is that I get to work with brilliant people every day. I help them celebrate love, celebrate life, get clear on their goals, and motivated to make big things happen. I’ve created a life where my work and my passions are closely aligned, and I feel genuinely excited to get to work each day.

I live in Hertfordshire (36 minutes to King’s Cross - as anyone here will tell you!) with my partner and our two daughters. I’m a huge book nerd, self-development obsessive, and quite partial to a glass of fizz with my fish and chips. I loved living in London for 7 years but I’m a country girl at heart and happiest in the woods or the mountains.

My coaching takes place over Skype, phone, and in person if that suits. I also run group courses and workshops throughout the year and offer a bespoke service if you’d like me to tailor a package for you, your company, or your event.

You can learn all about my celebrant work at www.celebrantlondon.com

Initial consultations are free and are the best way to discuss how we might work together. Email me at [email protected] to arrange a time.

life coach
life coach

Wanna know more? Here are the juicy bits.

In the past I’ve worked awesome jobs that turned shitty and shitty jobs that I made awesome. (As well as a few shitty ones that stayed shitty.) I’ve had great relationships and I’ve stayed in bad ones from fear of being alone. I’ve let things that hurt me slide because I didn’t feel bold to enough admit I wasn’t made of nails.

I’ve been broke. In my early twenties I spent every penny I earned and then some. At 23 I was in debt and owned ton of crap. I knew something had to change so I quit shopping for a year. I stopped buying everything except food and essential toiletries. I wrote a blog about it, learned some hard lessons, paid off the debt, and started saving. I changed my relationship with money and my relationship with myself. I started to see that my worth didn’t come from things, but from within.

It was a huge turning point for me. I realised I was capable. I could make change happen in my own life rather than sit back and let change happen to me. I realised I was the keeper of my own damn castle. I grew bold enough to ask for what I deserved and suggest new ideas at work. I stopped seeing women as competition and started making deep strong friendships. I stopped accepting bullshit in my relationships. I stopped feeling like I didn’t know what I was doing. And every time I got a little bit further ahead I brought people along with me.

In 2017 I became a mum and I now live in Hertfordshire with my partner and our two magical little girls. Becoming a mum was understandably life-changing, and that journey is one of my favourite things to talk about.

I have a deep thirst for knowledge and I’ve studied lots of fascinating subjects; TV Production, Health and Social Care, Death and Dying, Creative Writing and, of course, Life Coaching.

I believe life is for living, learning, and laughing.

I believe in showing up for myself. In taking responsibility. In creating my ideal life every single day.

I believe in trying new things, fucking up, then getting over it and trying again.

I believe in the power of naps, afternoon baths, and bright lipstick.

I believe real change requires action, a plan, and cheerleaders.

And I believe in you too.

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